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Getting started with SettleMe.

  1. Login to the SettleMe Console
  2. Confirm your Settings
    • Select ‘Settings’ in the top menu.
      • Company Information
      • Complete your Company Information; this helps brand SettleMe as your own.
      • You can add your company logo, email address and website
      • Client Checklists
      • Complete your Client Checklists; this template defaults a list of tasks for all your clients
      • Select ‘On’ to display a task by default for your clients.
      • Click ‘Add new item’ to add new tasks to the template, if required.
      • User Controls
      • Select the User Controls tab.
      • Add other people within your company who can access settings within the SettleMe Console.
  3. Invite your clients to SettleMe
    • In PEXA, first ensure you have created a party record for your client via the ‘Participants’ screen. Select “I represent this party” and add the party details.
    • Once the Party is created in PEXA, SettleMe is able to find your client.
    • You should Confirm the address details are correct in the PEXA Land titles screen before inviting your clients to SettleMe
    • Copy the “Workspace ID” and provide this in an email to the clients in that transaction.
  4. Review your Workspace Listing
    • Navigate to Workspace Listing and review the list of clients who have registered to use SettleMe.
    • Display the tasks for a specific transaction.
  5. Update your Tasks for your client to complete
    • Review the status of your client’s tasks.
    • Edit existing tasks as required.
    • Click ‘Add New Item’ to add a specific task to the selected client’s list.
    • All completion dates assigned to tasks are relative to the settlement date and time. Warnings are displayed if completion date falls on a weekend.
    • Click ‘Send Notification Now’ to notify the client of any changes you have made.
    • Select ‘Complete’ to mark tasks your client has completed.
    • Your client now has a clear list of tasks to complete

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can my client see what I am doing in PEXA?
    No, your client cannot view the status of your actions within PEXA. You can see your client’s view of SettleMe here
  • How will I be represented in SettleMe?
    Your business name, and your company logo, are included on the SettleMe screen and some of the notifications.
    “Property Settlement by ABC Conveyancing Pty Ltd”
    Your clients can also link through to your website or send emails to your email address.
  • Can I log in to SettleMe for my client?
    No. The Terms and Conditions of SettleMe require that the person registering the account is providing their details.
  • When should I send my client the Workspace ID?
    After you have selected “I represent this party” and add the party details, SettleMe will be able to find your client. Send your email as soon after this as you like.
    Ideally, you have confirmed the address detals are correct in the PEXA Land titles screen before inviting your clients to SettleMe.
  • How do I know which of my clients are using SettleMe?
    The Workspace Listing provides you with a report showing your clients that have registered for SettleMe.
  • Can I change when SettleMe provides information to my client?
    No. The notifications will be sent to your SettleMe client based on the settlement date and time in PEXA.
  • Is there an example of the email I can send through to my client?
    Yes, a simple guide is outlined below:
    Hello [Your client’s name],
    [Your organisation’s name] is pleased to offer you SettleMe – an online tool that allows you to track your property settlement in real-time. It also includes a checklist that keeps you across what you need to do.
    To start using SettleMe:
    Sign up here – this should take less than 5 minutes
    Enter this Workspace ID  [PEXA123456789]
    Start tracking your settlement – it’s that easy!