Manage your
client’s settlement

SettleMe by PEXA tracks settlement in real-time. Instant notifications keep your client informed. A customisable checklist for your client helps to keep settlement on track.

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SettleMe is free and exclusively
for PEXA lawyers and conveyancers to help their clients.

Keep your clients happy. Stand out from the competition.
SettleMe is your tool – upload your logo for clients
to see when they use SettleMe.

  • Instant Notifications
    SettleMe instantly alerts your clients on settlement progress, if anything changes and when settlement is complete.

    Instant notification
  • Greater Efficiency
    Create a personalised checklist of tasks for your clients, to keep settlement on track.

    SettleMe Checklist
  • Safe and secure
    SettleMe is powered by PEXA, ensuring that information is real-time, accurate and secure.

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How it works

  • SettleMe integrates with the PEXA System.
  • Real-time data moves from your PEXA Workspace to SettleMe to update your clients on their settlement date and time.
  • Tailor settlement tasks for your clients to view through SettleMe.
  • At a glance see all completed and outstanding tasks for each client.

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